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These are hand made from Cambridge Gault clay and as such may exhibit variations associated with traditional handmade product. All our tiles are soaked once drawn from the kiln in order to neutralise any problems relating to fossil blow which can occur if fossil is present within the clay, and are a feature of traditional tiles within the area. Pan tiles are made with nibs only but can be drilled and fixed at pitches over 45ยบ or on verges on exposed roofs.

Size 350mm x 270mm
Colour Creamy buff to pink
Lap Head 70mm minimum Side 50 mm
Gauge Approximately 270mm
Roof pitch Not less than 30 degrees to the horizontal
Covering Capacity 16 tiles= 1 square metre
Weight when laid Each tile approx. 1927kg 1sq metre= 30.84kgs
1000 tiles= 1927kgs
  Pan Tiles